• Storytelling 101

    Want to know more about the art of the story? Annette provides invaluable tips, techniques and ideas for how you can develop your own story. … Continue Reading…

    Storytelling 101
  • Books

    "Can you find answers in books? Sure, as long as the book asks you the right questions!" Annette Simmons writes for people who don’t want to hire a consultant but want a book with … Continue Reading…

  • About Us

    Work groups follow certain patterns. Research in social psychology, game theory and behavior economics reveal most group patterns are more easily predicted by tracking the emotions … Continue Reading…

    About Us
  • The Six Kinds of Stories

    Why six stories? Why not four, or fifteen or the magic seven? All I can say is that my work began with groups. How to bring groups together, sustain values, promote mutual respect, … Continue Reading…

    The Six Kinds of Stories
We provide keynotes, workshops and personal coaching to CEOs, senior executives, sales staff, fund-raisers and anyone who wants to use stories to motivate groups and/or individuals via personal interactions or personally delivered presentations.

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Storytelling 101